The waves came in, in sets of monstrous rolling mountains building to peaks teetering, vying for the front lip,  then forming white crests that raced over the edge to tumble in an avalanche of rounded leaping foam. Meeting the rock ledge to burst into white spray then flop into disparate wash.  Bouncing along behind, another and another and another, colliding cascading over the wall and into sudden rapids and wild white water, everything suddenly awash and speeding ripping rippling down the terraces and channels and rills and sloshing at the edges. Collectives of seabirds clustered on the largest rock, point tails to the wind, heads tucked under or shaking feathers dry. 

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is great Ruth.
I have not previously seen your art work and am impressed.
Love it.
You should have had a painting in the Art Show.
Dawn Crowther